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[RC] Paddock / Pasture Paradise - Dream Weaver

Hi Michelle - I am in Northern Nevada where we often have very wet conditions for several weeks or even months during the winter. This ranges from mud to snow. I'm at around 5,000' elevation and while we don't get a ton of precipitation it's enough to keep the horses in wet mucky conditions for weeks at a time with no breaks for drying out inbetween. It can vary a lot from winter to winter too. The hardest part I think is going from soft wet muddy conditions during the day to hard freezing at night.

Another useful link is this one, if you want to see more success stories, examples, photos and videos: http://paddockparadise.wetpaint.com/

My secret is that I have a horse that is a herd leader (hence how he earned his name!) that moves my other horses in a group around several miles per day. Having an active group of free moving horses that are turned out 24x7 sort of negates the need to do any kind of fancy or elaborate setup (for me, anyway). I've put a GPS on Chief a couple of times and by the time the battery gives out in about 12 hours he has usually gone 12 or more miles. He is usually herding everybody else, which of course is great for all of them.

I would caution you to be very careful about the types of fencing and posts used to set up something like this. We had a horse in my neighborhood impale itself on a t-post and had to be put down. Endurance horses can be really good at not getting into harms way, or be extremely adept at it. I've got some of both types. I also prefer that my horses have more open areas so that they can get away from each other that way nobody gets picked on.



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