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[RC] Awards - k s swigart

Angie said:

Sometimes those of us who have a whole lot of T-shirts
?underestimate how important it is to someone who just
?did their first ride. 

The completion award I got for my first ride was a chapstick on a string, which 
was JUST what I needed at the time, not having brought any with me to the ride 
and in posession of an incipient case of chapped lips.? One of the best (as in 
most useful) completion awards I ever got.? I would still take that over a 
t-shirt any day, even if I never got a t-shirt.

Endurance riders can NEVER have too much chapstick.

Other completion awards that I have liked getting are those that I can give 
away, like to my crew or friends who have helped along the way...so please 
don't put MY name on it.? I LOVED the XP tie tacks that the Duck used for 
completion awards at all the XP rides in 1999.? I think I might have only one 
left of the 16 that I got that year (I gave one away just last month to the 
people who provided me with a horse for the Quilty in Australia).? They took up 
very little space, they could be usef for all kinds of things (including thumb 
tacks), and had the ride logo on them.

And if you are going to individualize it, please put the horse's name on it not 

My ride?? The completion award was a hoof pick, with the name of the ride metal 
stamped into it.? The few people who completed the ride who got one have ALL 
told me that they have no intention of ever using it for a hoof pick...go 

Orange County, Calif.

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