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Re: [RC] award???? - Katrina Mosshammer

My answers are in red below.
Katrina Mosshammer (AERC # 5763)
"Curiosity is the very basis of education and if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say only that the cat died nobly." - Arnold Edinborough

Sent: Friday, October 02, 2009 1:25 AM
Subject: [RC] award????

Are ya'll serious? I mean it. You are putting in your wish lists for awards like you are registering at Macy's or Dillard's.  Shame on you. IF this had been started as a thread complaining about awards I would agree with you but it was started by someone who wanted people's opinions on awards.
How many have shown up early to flag trails, chalk  lines and replace signs that motorcyclists and paint ball bean heads have stripped. I have on numerous occasions. I helped put on 4 rides just this summer. 
How many have help set up registeration packets, making sure maps, dinner tickets, vet cards are in them. I have on numerous occasions. I helped put on 4 rides just this summer and I not only created the flyers/entries for those rides I also created, copied, and stuffed riders packets with maps, trail info sheets, sponsors brochures, vet cards, etc. for 2 of those rides.
How many of ya'll have gotten off your pathic pity party butts to help check pulses, vet cards when you are pulled or RO? I have vet scribed or times at every ride I haven't ridden this year. And yes I have driven 6 hours to volunteer at a ride before for good friends who have done the same for my ride.
And How many of you have stayed a little longer on Sunday morning to help clean up cups, paper plates, horse crap, dog poop. I have on numerous occasions. And I have also pulled ribbons on Sunday for rides before.
And my least favorite, HOW MANY OF YOU TELL the ride manager THANK YOU???? Shameful, Shameful I always try to unless the RM isn't available for me to and then I usually send them an email or talk to them at the next ride. Sometimes my thank you is not always in words but in my actions when I volunteer at their ride. AND as an RM I do get several thank yous in return from me fellow riders and RMs.

Donna and "Bud"