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RE: [RC] re: barefoot trimmer search - Jessica Raines

I’ve always held to the fact that a good farrier will trim for a bare foot just as well as for a shod foot. I know some people swear by their “barefoot” trims but I will put my geldings feet against their horses on a trail any day of the week. I’ve never used anyone but a standard farrier and my guy has been barefoot for his entire 12 years.

Jessica Spoone


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Subject: Re: [RC] re: barefoot trimmer search


People really do need to be careful and get a second opinion on how their horses hooves look if they change to a barefoot trimmer.  For example, once I saw some of my neighbors horses hooves just trimmed by a barefoot trimmer, and another time by a farrier who trimmed and they just did not look right.  I got out my measuring tools and the discrepancies from hoof to hoof were astounding - talk about bad work, in both cases it was unbelievably bad. 

So be sure to pay close attention, this goes whether it's a farrier or a trimmer.  In my experience it's harder to find a good trimmer because most don't have the more formal education or any type of certification that farriers do.  I've seen bad farrier work but this year at rides I've seen some of the worse trimming jobs ever.  Some of the veterinarians in my area are kind of down on some of the trimmers around here, for good reason.  So be sure to check references as well. 

Even journeyman farriers have a hard time being consistent on the same horse each time they work on them.  Check this out:  No two hoof trims alike.


Re: [RC] re: barefoot trimmer search, Dream Weaver