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[RC] Fwd: against changing the pulse down time - stephanie teeter

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Roger G." <texastwist@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: September 28, 2009 12:38:08 PM MDT
To: "'stephanie teeter'" <steph@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: against changing the pulse down time

Can you make one more post for me on ridecamp? Thanks
I am one that always needs the 60 min to get my horse settled down. He is heavy muscled and I am a big heavyweight, and he was a type A stallion. With the 60 min I can come into camp, un-tack, cool him down, give him a couple bites of hay or feed, and get myself a drink, along with him. If you change the time to 30 min, all it will do to me is cause me to have to hold my horse out on the trail just the other side of the finish line, where we have no food, no water or  no vets. I will have to stay out there till I am sure he can get down in 30 min.
To me this is a really bad situation since I will not have access to water to cool him or give him a drink, and I can’t un-tack to help with the cooling. If something does go wrong, we are not in camp, near vets. I would rather have the 60 min and the resources close at hand. Don’t force me (us) to park out on the trail. I use myself for this example, but it could be anyone. I ride with a heart monitor. I don’t take my horse above 145. He drops quickly into the 60’s, but he seems to hang around 68-70 when it is hot humid and he is panting to cool. What about the people doing 100 miles. After riding all night shouldn’t they have 60 min to collect themselves and their horses?  People that hide horses in trouble from the vets are wrong, and very few in number. Attitude is what needs to be corrected, rule changes probably will not help those few people.
Wouldn’t you rather have the marginal horses in camp with resources and assistance readily available? Please leave the rules alone, unless there is data to prove a change is necessary. If the truth is it is a FEI thing, than call it that. I’m not sure FEI makes a difference to 98% of the rest of us occasional endurance riders.
Thanks for considering my view point.  To Finish is to win, To keep trying is just as important.
Endevor to perserver
Regards, Roger