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[RC] - jsalas

Randy said on the AERC forum,

"Unfortunately, if we don't talk about the 30-minute proposal, it may get
imposed on us by default. It's tough to repeal a bad rule once it's in
place. It's much better to stop it before it becomes a rule."

The whole idea behind the finish placings for LD was to slow down the hot rods. 
Did it? I don't think so and I don't think the finishing times for the majority 
of the LD rides reflect that either. I am not saying that is good or bad. I am 
pretty sure though, it will never change.

As far as I can tell, no one from the vet committee has come forward to discuss 
details on the ride time change. Where did this come from, anyway? A meeting? 
Joe hasn't said who, as far as committee persons or directors is for this 
change. I can't possibly imagine it would be taboo for either of those things 
to be put forth to the members. Unfortunately for the members, communication 
from AERC has never been a priority. Angie asked if the members could know 
which vets were pushing for this because we all have our own opinions as to who 
we think are more credible vets. As she pointed out, if the more well known and 
respected vets were for this, maybe it wouldn't be an issue with the general 
membership. (I know we should all respect the AERC vets and give thanks for 
their hard work but everyone is entitled to their opinions)

I wonder if it would be more prudent for AERC, (in order to gain support from 
the members) to publish a report reflecting the need for such change.The WHC 
publishes death reports, how about pulls requiring treatment reports? I would 
be very interested to know how many horses at any given ride are treated, which 
distance they were riding and at what point they were pulled for treatment, 
symptoms that caused the treatment (elevated heart rate? body temp?), which 
region and what was the weather like, and any other information that would be 
educational to the rest of us.

We wouldn't need names, and it wouldn't be for lynching purposes. However, if 
the membership and the powers that be could see a trend, one way or the other, 
the decision to change or not, could at least be made after all have had a 
chance to see some evidence. If that kind of report already exists, and that is 
where the possible reason for change is coming from, it should be shared with 
the members. If nothing else, some of us might become more knowledgeable on how 
to recognize possible problems both at rides and at home, BEFORE they become 
life threatening.

I wouldn't think that would be asking too much.

Lisa Salas, the Odd fArm
THANK YOU Dr. Q and Dr. P for that hysterically funny exchange of knowledge! 
Poetry, story telling, who knew we had such talent among us? That was very 
entertaining :)


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