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[RC] Hoof Care Recommendations - steveb - sherman

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If you pull the shoes and use boots for riding, be sure to have a good rasp on hand and keep the walls shortened and the edges beveled to stop  leverage forces from causing chips and cracking. Don't ignore the wall growth, snags or chips, between farrier visits. Mild, unseen, unnoticed fungus could possibly be a cause of the poor wall in which case a couple of weeks of 3 times a week soaking might clear it up and give you a better hoof overall. I personally use Oxine (available on Amazon.com), some people use apple cider vinegar or Lysol (the concentrate, then mix with water). If you are interested in any of this email me and I'll refer you to instructions. There are some supplements that might help if it's a nutritional problem, not all of them are equal. Someone else might know the couple of very important supplements and the amounts that should be in the daily dose in order to make any difference. Most supplements didn't have enough of the key ingredients if I recall correctly. sherman at usamedia dot com.


My horse has one front hoof that is weak and I have a hard time keeping a
shoe on.  I've worked with my farrier to shoe regularly and properly, but
he (the horse, not my farrier) continues to loose shoes and the outside
wall is pretty broken down.

I'm looking for short-term and long-term strategies to help.  If I pull
the front shoes and use boots for an extended period, should I expect to
be able to go back to shoes in the future with a reduction in problems? 
Are there supplements or topicals that you've found to help promote growth
and strength?

I'm hoping to do a number of rides this year and am worried about his health.