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[RC] Why do Endurance? (was Why I like horses) - Steph Teeter

On Aug 15, 2009, at 11:04 PM, fhall wrote:
I too was BORN with this love/addition, although it was not hereditary! My parents never really figured out where it came from and I am the only one of my four siblings to have ever been afflicted. Maybe it is hereditary after all and only skipped a couple of generations and picked back up with my daughter and I. >>

Ahhhh, but it must be hereditary - genetics is the only way to explain it. I believe it is a recessive gene, most likely additive as well because some are only slightly afflicted, others are hopelessly consumed.

So aside from the question of 'Why Horses?' - I had somebody ask me last week 'Why Endurance?' ?I really had to stop and think and once I started answering, there were so many things about the sport that I like...

So - I have a two-fold question:

1. why do you do endurance riding?


2. at what point would it become too expense for you to do organized (e.g. AERC) endurance riding instead of just getting out and riding ?long distances for the fun of it?
(I ask this because AERC is considering a $10 membership dues increase, and $2 rider fee (per ride) increase, as well as $2 drug testing fees increase.)