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[RC] The Benefits of Challenge - Bruce Weary DC

It seems that there are two avenues of thought in deciding whether to ride Tevis or not. We can look for reasons why we can't/shouldn't: I'm
afraid of heights, it's hot, it's dust, my horse isn't ready, I'm not ready, etc., OR we can look for challenges that we
wish to overcome as reasons to do the ride, such as: I'm afraid of heights, it's hot, it's dusty, my horse isn't ready, I'm not ready, etc.,.
I read an anecdote recently that speaks to the importance of challenge in our lives. It seems that even though the Japanese love
fresh fish, their local waters have been largely depleted of fish for some time now. Fishermen have used bigger boats, gone farther out to sea
and had to freeze the fish on board in order to make the trip back to shore with the fish still being edible. But, the Japanese can tell
the difference between fresh and frozen fish. So, someone got the idea of putting the fish in water tanks on the boats, to keep them
live for the trip home. This helped, but apparently the captive fish become somewhat complacent, don't move around much, and still
don't taste as good as freshly caught fish. So, someone got the idea of putting a shark in each tank of fish. Now, the shark eats a few fish,
but the other fish now have a reason to keep moving, and apparently taste better when they reach their destination.
So, put a shark in your tank. Keep challenging yourself, whether it be through Tevis or whatever avenue trips your trigger. I just know that most
people reading this probably already have an endurance horse, so............................. Bruce Weary


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