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[RC] Mohair cinches - Dream Weaver

Hi Sandy - I love mohair and it's what I use on all of the horses. They last forever and ever too. On the girths that I use on Chief, I have to take any cross hairs out - the ones that run across midway between the center and the rings on the end that hold the strings together. That will rub hair whereas having the strings looses between the ring and the center of the girths do not.

I have an assortment of mohair girths in all different sizes. I like to change to different lengths (only talking a difference usually of 2 to 4 inches) during the course of a multiday so that the buckles are not in the same place every day. Most people won't need to do that, it's only something I do when putting on a lot of miles on a horse in a year. Changing girths also gives me a chance to wash one out and have it dry even on rides in the winter. I never ride with a dirty girth and also do not like to use the same girths (or saddle pads) on different horses......I probably have as many girths as some women have shoes :).

There is a big difference in quality of mohair. For some horses, the quality may not be an issue. For others, only the higher quality softer mohair will suit them. I usually get mine from Julia at Horses Dacor. I like the buckle shape on the ones they sell best too, and the fact that over time that particular mohair stays softer whereas others I've got get much stiffer and hard after a lot of use. They do shrink some, so I often start out 2 to 4" longer than I really need.



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