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Re: [RC] Mohair cinches - Elizabeth Walker

I haven't found anything that works better for me than the 100% mohair cinches.  I use the straight English type. I have had some 'scurfing' in the armpit area, but that seems to be helped by religiously rinsing that area after each ride.  I have never had actual galls from the mohair.  I do have to strike a balance in tightening the girth, however.  

Caisson is built round, so there is some 'roll' if the saddle isn't tight enough.  However, because there is no elastic in these girths, If it is tightened too much, he will get swelling where the buckles sit (on one side only).  I believe that is because he is extra-sensitive on that side due to a bee sting a few years ago.  I added sheepskin to make an extra buckle backing, and as long as I don't have the cinch cranked too tight, everything works fine.  I tighten it just enough to be snug.  I tighten to one hole below the final position so I can mount.  It is fairly snug at that point.  Then I mount and walk around a few steps, and check.  It is usually obviously loose, so I tighten it one hole so that it is snug again, but not tight.

On Jul 30, 2009, at 8:11 AM, Sandy Adams wrote:

Hi guys, just wanting some input on 100% mohair girths, and also who would prefer the wider heart girth style or the straight English style. Are they good on thin skinned horses or not? Do they provide grip without galling as they claim? I need a new girth for my OF Endurance Cutback and while I should probably get a replacement for what I have, I would consider the Mohair because it supposedly holds well and does not gall. I have spent a bloody fortune fitting up this great mare, so don't want t waste any more on the great GIRTH hunt - but I also don't want to compromise her comfort or soundness in anything I do or don't do. Shoot!

Sandy Adams
Deep Sands Arabians


[RC] Mohair cinches, Sandy Adams