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RE: [RC] Why is Jody mean to Daryl? - Ginger Bill

Oh My Gosh! I honestly can't remember when last I laughed so much on Ridecamp. You guys are just way too funny. Thanks for the humor, at least I think you guys are funning, but who knows? It's a nice change from Oh So Serious. Ginger

Subject: Re: [RC] Why is Jody mean to Daryl?
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 19:55:51 -0400
From: dadowns@xxxxxxxxxxx
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jody... Jody... for real? I too, was born in the south (not raised) but born. That pretty much makes us family. The fact that you say we can't be friends is all a front, let down your guard cause no one is buying your stories of hate :) AND I no longer ride a horse named Cincinnati, I stopped so that we can be friends (and cause I had to). After that, I went SOUTHwest to find a horse to ride along side of you one day. So let's get off this angry island we're stuck on and jump on the ship... the friend-ship.
As for Joni... curfews are curfews for the young bucks, understood. Leave her alone though? Come on, I may like adventure and staying up past my bedtime, but jail is just not my place. She is a bit young, haha. And we both know that the only reason you are mentioning my "blue belly carpet bagger's shorts in the river" is cause your inner-cougar wants me to wear my tiny swim trunks (or less, as I have heard skinny-dipping might go on) but you are gonna have to be a little nicer to me first.
I have inside sources that say that "somebody's" mother was from OHIO...
Your friend,
P.S. Tender age? I'm old enough to be awake late! Haha
Jody Said:
No Daryl, you and I can never be such friends.  I was born and raised, in the great state of Alabama...the HEART OF DIXIE.  I have rebel blood cursing through my veins.  You are a Yankee, Sir...with all due respect, you even ride a horse named Cincinatti. I have to keep to my breeding and raising. You will even be wearing your blue belly Carpet bagger's shorts in the river. You will never be more to me, than the enemy.  Please, respect my wishes, and leave my young, beautiful daughter alone.  She will NOT be in the river after curfew.  And I am sure that you will be the honorable gentleman ( although Yankee) that YOU claim to be, and honor my request.
Jody Rogers-Buttram
Daughter of Civil war veterans, and proud of my Southern Heritage

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Re: [RC] Why is Jody mean to Daryl?, Downs, Daryl