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Re: [RC] Regarding the Mongol Derby - K. Riordan - k s swigart

From: Terry Banister ebeyrider@xxxxxxxxxxx

Maybe the Mongol Derby could have Humm-Vees riding
?alongside passing out water, like they do in Dubai 100-milers.

So what exactly is the real complaint here, that the horses will have too much 
support or not enough?

Personally, I don't think that the real source of the complaints comes from? 
concern about horse welfare at all, and that it most of it can be attributed to 
downright envy.

But envy is such a univerally recognized?vice?(it is, after all, recognized as 
one of the?seven?deadly sins) that few people are willing to admit, even to 
themselves, that envy is the real source of their complaints so they feel the 
need to dress it up as self-rignteous concern about "horse welfare" or some 
other welfare.

The envy positively drips from the Long Rider's missive on "Quislings in the 

?That way, if the horse has a problem, they could radio their coordinates for 

From its very inception, the Mongol Derby (through its planned provision of 
Emergency Locator Beacons), has intended participants to be able to "radio 
their coordinates for help" that is what Emergency Locater Beacons are solely 
designed to do.? There is NO other reason to have one; they don't do anything 
else.? So what?? People in trouble or with horses in trouble will be able to 
stop and call for help.? God forbid.

I just don't get it.? People are complaining that not enough has been done to 
ensure horse welfare, and then people are complaining that too much might be 
done to help the participants that it is no longer an "aventure."

But if you stick envy in as the motivation for the complaints, then it all 
makes perfect sense.

Orange County, Calif.

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