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[RC] Regarding the Mongol Derby - K. Riordan - k s swigart

Kate Riordan said:

Here's what is predictably going to happen should this ride continue.

Mongolian horses ridden that distance under these conditions will: 

Die of dehydration
Die of colic
Die of azoturia
Die of exhaustion
Become crippled 
Sustain foot and lameness injuries that will lead to death

And she knows this because this is what happens to horses that do Tevis?

Kate Riordan
Member, Board of Governors (1999 to present)
Western States Trail Foundation

Personally, I think the Western States Trail Foundation should be very careful 
about the vitriole that they sling about with regards to the Mongol Derby as 
there are many people who will (and perhaps with some validity) say that it is 
rather like the pot calling the kettle black.? If Mongolian horses shouldn't be 
asked to go 25 miles, then American horses most definitely shouldn't be asked 
to go 100 miles...after all look at all the horrible things that can happen to 
them (and at Tevis, they also risk falling off a cliff...in the dark).

I am disappointed that the WSTF seems to be allowing itself to be used as a 
pawn by the Long Riders Guild who appear to me to be a handful of indivuals 
who, like spoiled children, are throwing a trantrum because they were being 

And if Kate Riordan is not speaking for the WSTF, then they need to tell her to 
stop using their name in vain.

Orange County, Calif.

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