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[RC] NAYRER - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

Just back from North American Young Riders Endurance Ride in Henryville, 
Whew. Where to start?  How?s about at the finish so those who get bored can 
stop reading 
any time? A disclaimer?I got these results off my home movies. There were a 
couple of 
dogs doing laps around the awards area barking, and more barking from the 
trailers in the 
distance and this is the best I can do on names trying to listen to the tape. I 
looked up 
the horse names I could on AERC to try to get something right. My apologies to 
competitors from Mexico, had no idea where to start to get their names right.

My daughter Bonnie was ride photographer and has some of the photos up at:


She expects to have them all up within a few hours. (I took the computer from 
her for this)

I put several videos up on my personal my-endurance.net page. I started with 
the most important, the race to the finish and worked my way down to some of 
our personal stuff. Unfortunately, the last thing you put on is what comes up 
on the endurance.net home page so you get Josie getting dumped for the first 
choice. :-P  There's a slow motion of the race to the finish & BC trot outs if 
you like that sort of thing at:  


Note: Lindsay Bean on Tectonic owned by Kathy Brunjes crossed the line in 3rd. 
Did not 
complete within 30 min. for FEI completion. (he had lost a shoe on the last 
loop and they 
did repairs before he trotted sound)  Did complete within the hour for AERC 
so to get AERC top 10 you insert Lindsay into 3rd place and bump everyone else 
down one.

Finishing order: FEI division

1st,  Individual Gold: Kelsey Kimbler on Junior KAHR Central team.    8 hours 
19 min.

2nd, Individual Silver: Jennifer Stevens on RGS SHA Strike Two Mtn. Owned by 
Binns-Dicamillo Pac team  8 hours 19 min.

3rd, Individual Bronze: Alexandria Kirkland on Lateefah owned by Justin Nelzen 
team. (not sure on time)

4th Josie McGhee on FFC First Csea Lord (Winston) Owned by Stagg Newman East 
team 9:13

5th Heather Stevens on Serloki owned by Jan Worthington Mtn Pac team 9:41

6th Francis ???????? on Master Mahogany owned by Cheryl Van Deusen Mtn. Pac 
team 10:09

7th Ildico Nadasdy on Precious Bonita owned by Cheryl Van Deusen Mtn Pac team 

8th Kate Cody on Apache Eclipse (Canadian on International Canada/Mexico team) 

9th Lee Hutton on IB Jazzy Canadian International team 11:18

10th Aerial McClead? on Salisbury Road? Canadian on International 11:18

11th Gabriel Gonier?? (rider was male!) On Lu-Nor Soverign owned by Jan 
Mexican rider on International team 12:19

12th Magali De Le Rosa? on CRR FC Lantana owned by Jan Worthington Mexican 
rider on 
International team. 12:19

Best Condition: 1st place horse Junior CAHR
High Vet Score: 4th place horse: FCC First Csea Lord


We made up team somewhat on time zones but not exactly. Monica Rawson from 
Memphis lives 
in the Central Time zone but joined USA-East to finish out four riders for 
them. Central 
had enough for a four member team. An International team was made up of 3 
Canadians and 2 
from Mexico. Then Mountain Region and Pacific South combined and had 5 members 
on their 

Gold: Mtn. Pac
Silver: International team
Bronze: Central (they only finished 2 riders so a maximum time of 18 hours was 
added for 
an imaginary 3rd rider just to have 3 teams to medal)

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