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Re: [RC] Less than a week to go. - Lynne Glazer

On Jul 27, 2009, at 7:10 AM, Lucy Chaplin Trumbull wrote:

Becky Hackworth:
OK, had to go look in the archives. What a hoot. I go back to at least '95 on Ridecamp, still have an "@" button (2 actually)

:) I've got a "@" bandana...

I gave away my @ bandana but still have the button.

and I think it was '97 I first volunteered to do Webcast of Tevis.

No, it was later than that - maybe 98/99?

'98 was the first webcast year, I think.

97 was the first year I took photos and put them up on the web -
to my knowledge the first time anyone did this - and I can still
picture exactly who came in the top ten and being big-round-eyed
at the finish in the dust...

Now it is 12 years later and I am once again getting ready for Tevis. Not as a rider but webcast volunteer once again.

But look at all the miles you accumulated in the meantime! Yay Marc. Lucy, you were such a pioneer. Your more recent pre-ride trail shots were wonderful for those of us that haven't experienced the trail.

Yay, Becky! A thankless task (remembering someone emailing me, all pissed, because the coverage was so bad - only to discover she had neglected to refresh her web browser and was viewing cached pages <g>), but a very appreciated one. Thanks all you webcast-ees this year for keeping our family and friends in the loop (my husband won't come to watch as he gets too uptight, so that's going to be the only way he gets to see if I'm still out there).

I think we all had people who didn't refresh. Remember how primitive the web was back then?

Who on here remembers our first official "webcast" suckers, er volunteers? I know Lynne Glazer was there and our own Brit Lucy....Who else?????

Linda Cowles? Julie Herrera?

Karen? Or did she ride that year? Linda was my partner the first year, making web pages out of my photos. Maybe the second year too. Then I learned how. Julie was my teammate the third year, reporting and doing captions. Donna O'Gara, Tori Thompson...bet I could remember more after some caffeine. That's where Tori and I met for the first time, we've become close friends and partners in adventure since.

They have gotten so good over the years. I have a lot to live up to this year. Heres to all of the riders and crew for this years' journey.

Yay us! (I'm so stoked about riding this year!!)

Indeed! And Julie is doing the ride, too! She thought she'd never be able to. She'll be writing the story to accompany my photos for EN's coverage. Arabian Horse World's coverage this year will be mostly a photo essay, but if anyone's got an interesting story to tell, do write to me and I'll make sure to get photos of their rider maybe for a sidebar. Thanks to the webcasters, I know how hard it is to get that done, I have it a bit easier by getting my proofs up on the 'net afterwards. If there is power at the pavilion, though, I might slideshow this year's High Camp photos on my old 23" display. No promises though!

The weather is expected to be great this year. Mid 80's

? which weather forecast are you looking at? I've got 90 in Foresthill and 93 in Auburn... and probably warmer in the canyons where they forget to turn on any breeze.

She's dreaming! I'll see you guys on the front side of High Camp, and then until 4 pm at the Swinging Bridge. I'll hope for the miracle of a breeze in that canyon back up to Devil's Thumb. Oh, and say hi at Robie, Raven. I'll be the only redhead with a floppy hat toting a cam with a big white lens, since my shooting partner Cristy is off shooting H/J in Mass, waaah.

(thank goodness for cooler weather, though - Roo and I paid
our dues by finishing Cache Creek back in the May heat wave
and I've never been so uptight about trying to get a horse to
pulse down at the end of a ride - do *not* want to repeat that

<bouncing off the walls>

I will be incredibly stoked if it's under 95. Congrats on your success so far with Roo!





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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


[RC] Less than a week to go., Lucy Chaplin Trumbull