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[RC] Adequan, Legend dosing - Steph Teeter

From: "Susan E. Garlinghouse, DVM" <suendavid@xxxxxxx>

Yes, that’s true---to really get the full effects, you have to follow the loading dose protocol (one or less one injection every 4-7 days for a month or so), and then the maintenance protocol of once a month or so.? And if a budget only stretched as far as, say, four or five vials of Adequan per year, I would probably go with one injection a week for four or five weeks right before the ride season, versus spreading single injections out over the year.? If a budget only allowed for one or two single injections of anything, then I would go with Legend, because in my experience, it doesn’t seem to be as dependent on a loading protocol (though the gold standard is also load-and-then-maintain dosing).


And I would still vote for any amount of injectables, versus any of the oral supplements.


Susan Garlinghouse, DVM


well... we're on a roll! I have one more question to add to this:?
At the last AERC convention there was a talk on joint health and?
care, given by an employee of Luitpold (makers of Adequan). A major?
point that she made in this talk is that if you're going to give?
Adequan, it is better to give the recommended dosage (one dose a week?
for five weeks - or one dose every 4 days for 4 weeks... depending on?
the source) once or twice each year, than to give one shot per month?
which is another recommendation I've heard. Because, in order to?
achieve the joint repair and cartilage building effect, you need the?
continuous supply of PSGAG and the continuous anti inflammatory?
environment. She said if you give the monthly injections you'll get?
the anti inflammatory effect but not the cartilage building. Her?
talk make perfect sense but it's always good to get another opinion?
from a person who is not in the employ of the drug company :)