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Re: [RC] Rib out - Don Huston

In high school I had a rib get pulled out while wrestling. It popped up under my shoulder blade like Amber's. A chiro put it back in place and after a 2 week rest the coach started me doing rowing exercises. The kind that makes your shoulder blades move toward each other. The exercise I thought did the most was bending over at the waist 90 degrees, put one hand on a low support to help keep your spine parallel to the floor and lift a free weight (dumbbell) with the other arm. You let the weight pull your arm down and rotate your torso to get the weight as low as possible then lift it straight up, rotating your torso, making your elbow point to the roof and stop when the dumbbell hits the side of your chest. Let it back down the same speed you lifted it and repeat. 10 reps with each arm is one set. I started with 10 lbs and 10 sets a day but use your best judgment. The rib never came out again.

Don Huston

At 09:01 PM 7/22/2009 Wednesday, you wrote:


I seem lately to be getting a rib out which is really a nuisance and hurts when riding. Falling started it all.  I had it adjusted ? had to go 2 or 3 times because like a dummy I waited hoping it would get better and then it was really stuck.  Then another year went by and it happened again.  Then I had it adjusted and the rib  was fine but my muscles took a while to stop spasm-in.  Anyone else had this happen and know of an exercise to do to stop it from happening.  I end up at the chiropractor frequently because my SI joint goes out all the time.  He is beginning to be a good friend.  He even wants me to bring my horse?s pelvis/hip x-rays in for him to see. 

- mary


I've had a rib "out" frequently and, to me, it feels like a shoulder blade hurts.  Whenever that happens, I know it's a rib and I go to the chiropractor.  I don't know any better way to solve the problem.  My chiropractor has never suggested that there might be an exercise to prevent this from happening.  Fortunately it's not often, but it does hurt when it happens.



[RC] Rib out, mary
Re: [RC] Rib out, Amber Roberts