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Re: [RC] Great article on prevention Alzheimer's - Barbara McCrary

Trouble is, out here on the west coast, there has been such an overdraft of salmon it is now on the endangered list.  Scientists and environmentalists are worrying themselves to death over the diminished population of salmon.  My husband used to see about 500 salmon fishing boats come into the bay north of his office every night.  If there are 500 fishing boats out there hauling in salmon on long lines with multiple hooks, it isn't long until the salmon cannot keep up with the demand.
No one knows what the answer is, although they are blaming everything - weather change, water temperature, et al - other than over-fishing.
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Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 10:55 AM
Subject: RE: [RC] Great article on prevention Alzheimer's

Fascinating stuff ? reading through the article, and translating a bit, this is what it seems to boil down to:


Eat fish rich in DHA (salmon, etc)

Don?t eat too much

Green tea, beer, wine, grapes, and olive oil are good for you

Indian food is good (Indian people have among the world?s lowest Alzheimer?s rate)

Mediterranean diet

Anti-oxidant vitamins

Don?t get obese


Excepting the bit about not eating too much, I?m doing pretty well on this one ? all my favorite foods are on the list. Nice to read one of these, and not think that I have to change my whole lifestyle.


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Subject: [RC] Great article on prevention Alzheimer's


Read this if you're interested in helping to prevent Alzheimer's, by simple changes to your diet.   BTW, I'm a registered dietitian, but have no financial interest in this article :)  just want to pass on some good information!



Carla Richardson


[RC] Great article on prevention Alzheimer's, Carla Richardson
RE: [RC] Great article on prevention Alzheimer's, David LeBlanc