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Re: [RC] Experience with Boz Saddle - DORY JACKSON

I too ride in a Boz. After using many saddles on my stallion which broke a rib from a mare kick years ago and would "sore up"....start to travel to one side to get away from the saddle I tried a Boz. He had been to the chiropractor, vets, special saddle pads, changing my saddle at checks,  you name it...nothing really worked after 25 +miles. A friend had a Boz for sale as they were not able to ride anymore. I tried it and it really did fix his problems...just like magic. I now use it on all my horses. It just seems to fit everyone. And yes you can get into the correct position. It is very balanced. What I had trouble with is the twist.. its wide. But after a 5 day my body left enough meat on my breaches that I dont have that problem anymore! Ride on and try a Boz. It really is all that and more. Dory

 Dory Jackson

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Sent: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 8:15 am
Subject: Re: [RC] Experience with Boz Saddle

Thank you, Richard, for explaining the Boz saddle.  I started endurance in 1983 using a Monte Forman Balanced ride stock saddle and when Boz came out with the same tree but made of the flexible material, I bought one immediately.  Still have it and still use it.  For the record, I am under 5 feet tall.  The length of the stirrups is critical to being comfortable.  I have had my saddle and used it on more than 40 different horses, from a 12 hand pony to a 17'2" warmblood,  used it for team penning, jumping, reining, gymkhana, dressage as well as endurance.  Never, ever had a horse sored by it.  I have never had a horse with a sore back at any endurance ride, and I've ridden several horses, often for other owners.  One thing a lot of people don't know is that "Boz" is an incredible horseman, h e can really RIDE! and train horses and people.  A very good friend of mine with 7000+ miles rides 5 DIFFERENT  horses and uses her Boz on all of them.  She is 6' tall.  I used to ride bareback a lot;  The Boz saddle puts you in the same spot on the horse's back, with your legs in the same place, that you would be if you were riding bareback. 
I don't care to use a  treeless saddle, however, for I feel it would be like running a marathon in my slippers instead of a well made flexible running shoe.   renie burnett
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Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009 10:23 AM
Subject: [RC] Experience with Boz Saddle

Boz certainly is an opinionated person but so was Monty Foreman. The relevance is that Boz is one of the last remaining Foreman Certified Instructors. Janiece Wilson, Patrick Many people who have Boz, Fallis, or Bob's Custom Saddles Balanced Ride (licensed by Gary - Monty's son) swear that you the only way you can have their saddle is to tear it from their cold butt cheeks when they are dead.

[RC] Experience with Boz Saddle, Richard Sacks
Re: [RC] Experience with Boz Saddle, Renie