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[RC] snakes... - Kathie Ford

Ah, got another one I totally forgot about. Sort of "pre-riding" days back in the late 70's. Maybe l979? I don't know. Anyway,  I once lived in the So. Calif area too. I worked for a music company and one of our sound engineers liked to ride. I told him I did too so we went out to some place to rent horses and ride. We were riding up on 3M land somewhere in Riverside.  Anyway, there were the 3 of us which included my husband who was just a friend at that point... Tim, my buddy from work, the sound engineer, was the most experienced so we just followed him around the hills there. I only remember rolling hills, heat and dirt!  lol

We were having fun sort of wandering around getting to know the horses; which were a little barn sour and KNEW right away that 2 of us were basically novices.  My friend Tim went over to a bush to get us a little "homemade crop" for a little encouragement. Anyway, while he was off doing that I spotted something red on the trail. I just thought maybe a scarf of something....and kept walking up closer and closer to  get a good look at it...When I was just about a foot away this "scarf" just took off towards a bunch of rocks! Ahhhhhhhkkkkkkkkkk!  A snake!  A RED snake!  EEEk!  Shoot, that thing was fast!  Where did it go..where did it go!

Luckily the horse I was on was actually pretty good and obviously used to snakes as there was no spooking or anything even when the thing took off at lightening speed!  Ignorance is bliss I guess as I was the one directing the horse right to it too!!  lol

Well, my friend Tim heard me make some pretty shrill noises, turned and saw the snake as it went into the rocks. He said it looked like a red racer snake.  I have no idea about those types of snakes.  Anybody know about those kind?

Anyway, was my first real trail riding experience too...complete w/snake experience~~~ Ahahahahahah!  And I survived!!!! hehehehe


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