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[RC] more snakes stories? of course! :) - Kathie Ford

Yep, I have a few too. Thus far they've all been safe ones.

First experience my daughter and I were riding at Folsom w/a friend. We split up for a minute to water our horses at different spots. Was my daughters and my first time there. We were on the public side. Was a year w/lots of water runnoff.

My neighbor came by to get me, then we met up w/my daughter who then, was riding my NOW current endurance mare.  This mare had her drink but they was spashing a bit. She loves water.  Anyway, as I went around to the other side of them I noticed right in the crevice of a piece of granite rock was a baby rattler all curled up RIGHT NEXT to my daughters leg and my mares belly. Not even 2 feet. More like 12'''!! Yikes!  I told her and they got out of there but luckily the snake was enjoying the sun and not concerned about a splashing horse.

Second experience was on our first 50 at the American River Classic.  We were out on the second loop riding along the river (old route towards browns bar).  Cira being Cira noticed what looked like a very long thin stick.  I noticed to and also saw that it was shinny?  Uh oh, shinny, as in newly shed skin on a snake??? Yep, a rattler spread across most of that fire road. It was just laying there sunning itself but what really alerted me further was that a family w/small children were just ahead of me and the kids were running right towards it not seeing it! I saw it because I was up higher. So I yelled to alert them and the stopped their kids within about 6' of the snake. I helped them navigate around it and made sure no others in the grassy area we were going around on as well.  The snake never moved. Then, as  I began to trot off I heard many horses cantering up behind me. I looked and saw a group of about 4-5 4riders. Snake still not moving so I yelled "RATTLER!!! Errrrrrrrttttt!!! they all stopped just in time. Passed me of course as well!  But we were all safe and no bites, including the snake surviving.

Third story, trotting back to the overlook w/a few male buddies and we were coming in at a pretty good clip just pat Robie Pt. coming into the Overlook. Its  really fun section and the horses felt pretty good. Anyway some hikers heard our horses and yelled out to us "RATTLER ON THE TRIAL....STOP!!!!!  They were loud and we did hear them. They said that they had been trying to get the dumb snake to move off the trail for about 10 minutes to no avail. Glad they warned us. It had come down from the rocky side there. After several more minutes it finally decided to leave.

4th and most disturbing experience. There ARE more aggressive rattlers. Those darn diamond backs are nasty w/attitude.

My daughter and I were watering our horses at the canal off Maidu in Auburn last spring. My daughter suddenly tells me to stand absolutely still and pointed to a baby diamond back just a few feet up on the bank. It was coild up and boy, sure had a nasty attitude!  We didn't even try to back up right away cause it looked ready to strike and we were well w/in range.  After a few minutes it turned, still coiled towards the grass as a runner was coming on up. Probably felt the ground.  THEN we backed up. Was a mother of a sucker.  I mean it really looked like it even gave us a nasty look!!! lol  No thanks, we are leaving mr. snake!!!!! You can have the canal, the grass ANYTHING YOU WANT!! bye bye!!!



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