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FW: [RC] what's in your saddle bags? - Carrie - Mike Sherrell

Near saddlebag:
Tigers Milk bars
30' 1/4" parachute cord, to let horse graze while I nap
8x Nikon binocs, small
Offside saddlebag:

leather and nylon bootlaces
1" ring
geared Leatherman in baggie, which is smallest device that will cut double-stranded barbed wire
DEET for me and horse in baggie
Shower cap in baggie: portable waterbucket for horse
Neosporin antibiotic salve for me and horse
clear goggles in baggie for sand or dust storms, used twice, thank god for them, I wear contacts
TP in baggie
vetwrap, corner turned back, in baggie, now that Karen Sullivan gave me the idea, for if we have to go through a lot of Star thistle, which is common in Calif.
Moleskin, for me or if sidepull rubs horse's nose
2 or 4 spare AA batteries for GPS
Maybe a flashlight, but not lately, they're heavy and I've never actually needed one. Could be lifesaver if caught after dark. Maybe I should take one without betteries and put in the spares if I ever need it.
digicam handy on belt
GPS in pocket where it will pick up the satellites
money, credit cards
Knife in pocket
I've never been unable to find a rock sharp-pointed enough to use as a hoofpick, could use Leatherman even if.
Mike Sherrell
Grizzly Analytical (USA)
707 887 2919; fax = 707 887 9834

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Subject: Re: [RC] what's in your saddle bags? - Carrie

Ibprofen or some other type of pain reliever. clips of various sizes and chicago screws.  I carry a type of swiss army knife with several gadgets included.  

Esther and Chagalle, jealous of the time I'm spending with Dana
"Life is a canvas, throw a lot of paint on it" Danny Kaye (January 18, 1913 – March 3, 1987)