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[RC] Very High CPK - sherman

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I was told by the vet that CK and CPK are the same, an enzyme that indicates muscle inflammation/damage.  Could it be caused by low selenium levels, was that tested? What were the other enzyme levels?  When our mare had a severe tie-up, her CPK was initially over 120,000, then 3 weeks later 2561. The range of normal, according to my vet, is 110-700.  We were advised to start riding after 3 weeks, lightly, but only because we knew from the follow-up tests that further muscle damage was not occurring.


From Susan Garlinghouse's sight  http://www.shady-acres.com/susan/tying-up.shtml :

CK levels will indicate muscle damage, while other elevated enzymes in the blood panel will indicate liver damage. And to make things even more confusing, there are various isoforms of yet another enzyme, LDH (lactate dehydrogenase) which will indicate whether muscle damage occurring is from skeletal or cardiac (heart) muscle.

The elevation in CK will be detectable within a few hours of the onset of clinical symptoms, peak within 24 hours and decline fairly quickly. CK's half-life is six hours, meaning that half of the amount remaining is removed within six hours. Hence, 50% is gone within 6 hours,


A friend explained that if levels are slightly elevated it is not considered a big deal. But Penny's CPK is very elevated according to the test results. Normal range is
100-300 U/L Penny's is 1587! Will someone please explain what CPK is and what might cause her levels to be so hight? How serious is this? Will the CPK come down to normal range with resolving the
diarrhea or addressing what has elevated her CPK resolve the diarrhea? With this issue I have been afraid to do more than trail ride with her.

Annie and Penny