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[RC] Question about Abetta Trinity Endurance Saddle - Rosalie Marley - sherman

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In my experience, the standard Abetta tree is the 6.75", they call it a QH tree, but I think it is a bit narrower than the average semi-quarter tree and has more rocker in it than any of my horses need. I have an Abetta with the 7" tree, what they call the wide QH tree and it fits all 4 of my short (13.2H thru almost 14.2H), mutton withered with well sprung rib cages Arabs. Funny though, it's too wide at the wither for our 15.1H big bodied Arab who does have a nice wither to go along with wide back and well spring ribs. The Big Horn full quarter tree fits him much better.  The Arab tree is incredibly wide, too wide for all my horses. Is that all clear as mud (:>)
I have a broodmare that I'd like to ride more, now that I quit breeding a while back.  She is a foundation appy with a wide back and mutton withers (but thankfully, she does have some withers!)  I don't know if she'll be any good at endurance, for now I'll be happy to get her in good riding condition.  I'd like to get her a reasonably fitting, inexpensive saddle, knowing she is likely to change shape.  She is not extremely short backed, she seems in proportion.  I prefer not to go treeless.

Has anyone used the Abetta Trinity Endurance Saddle?  One description I've read says the saddle has QH bars, the other says there are two gullet sizes, 6.75" and 7" none of which tells me anything.  The pictures only show the rider part of the saddle, they never show the part that goes on the horse!  Is it likely to fit a horse with this shape?   I have used a bareback pad so far, but would prefer support of a saddle at this point.  I rode tonight in my English saddle but that didn't feel very secure.  (I normally do ride in an English trail/AP or Dressage saddle.)  

Here is a link to the saddle I am thinking of, http://tinyurl.com/mc2t35 so you know what saddle I am asking about.