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[RC] Fly bags - what woks/problems - Sheila_Larsen

Ok my experience with fly bags is this.  I have tried several different
brands and the ones that work at my place are the Rescue ones.  However I
now folks that swear by other brands so a totally unscientific thought is
that although they are supposed to target the same flies I don't know how
true that really is.  Flies in one area may prefer a different scent than
flies in another.  The other thought i have through personal experience is
that depending on your neighbors and what kind of animals they have, my
neighbors are horses and cows, is that sometimes you may make your problem
worse using fly traps because you are attracting your neighbors flies.  Up
until 2 weeks ago my flies bags were filling quickly and flies around my
place were getting pretty bad.  I threw away the bags and didn't replace
them and mmmm?  flies aren't so bad at my place right now.   Yes it could
be a change in weather or other factors but I'm suspicious.

I also highly highly recommend the fly predators, I get mine from Arbico
and the service has been excellent.  There was a glitch in either shipping
or the post office and the flies eggs got cooked.  I called them they
immediately sent new ones no problems.   I have had previous problems and
they responded immediately and gladly.    I have used them for years.

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has
crushed it.”  Mark Twain

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