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[RC] Stallion for sale? - k s swigart

?> I am not just looking for a stallion for breeding purposes
?but also to ride as a second endurance horse.
This is a good reason to own a stallion.? 
?I do not plan to bred every year but would like babies that
?I have picked out their bloodlines and bred for certain
?characteristics the sire or dam holds. 
This is not.? 
You can "rent" a breeding stallion (i.e. pay a stud fee) for much cheaper than 
you can buy and own one, especially if you are not breeding "every year," and 
the other advantage to renting rather than owning is that you have more of a 
selction of bloodlines and "certain characteristics" to choose from (eg. if you 
have multiple mares you can select different stallions for different ones, 
whereas if you own just one stallion and use just that one because it is the 
one you own, you have dramatically reduced your choices on available genetics, 
there may not be one stallion that is the right choice for all your mares).? 
In fact, one of the biggest mistakes that many breeders make is breeding to the 
stallion they own rather than breeding to the stallion/s that is/are the best 
pick for their mare/s.
Owning a stallion isn't going to save you money over paying stud fees, and 
owning a stallion isn't going to get you the best genetic selection for all 
your mares when you do choose to breed.
You can still "pick" the sires bloodlines and characteristics, without having 
to own the stallion.? And if you are willing to go with "unproven" stallion 
(which obviously you are if you are willing to look at one that is only 2), 
then you can definitely rent it for less than you would pay to own (stud fees 
on unproven stallions are usually pretty low).
By all means buy a stallion if you happen to want to compete on a stallion.? Or 
you want to compete a gelding if you discover, after breeding your young 
unproven stallion to your mares that he just isn't a good "nick" for them.
Orange County, Calif.

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