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Re: [RC] Vet hold time on an LD - heidi larson

It depends on the ride - however, there are benefits to a shorter hold if the 
ride is exceptionally tough and you may need the time to complete.  You can 
ALWAYS stay longer than required if you think your horse needs more time to eat 
or rest.  If there are more vets to keep the line moving smoothly, a shorter 
time is ok with me, plus I'll leave a few min. late if my horse is into his 
"grub".  Longer holds in hot weather with little shade are problematic.  So, to 
answer, it really depends on the ride, the heat, humidity, terrain, etc.  In an 
LD, I've always thought 45 min. was a nice amt. of time.  I was at a 
particularily tough ride last weekend (Renegade Rendezvous) and the I think the 
LD riders had 45 min.  There was only one "real" pull (my daughter) and though 
there was a low completion, it was for over time!  The pull was not anything 
serious at this point, but my daughter and the vets thought it was best to pull 
just to be safe.  (Older horse, low
heart rate.)  The ride was extremely hot (high 90's) and very steep (50 milers 
had about 4000' of climbs.)

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--- On Sat, 7/11/09, Natalie Herman <eponashoes@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From: Natalie Herman <eponashoes@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC] Vet hold time on an LD
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Saturday, July 11, 2009, 2:01 AM

#yiv123499178 .hmmessage P
#yiv123499178 {

Sending to various groups...
Ok, since it seems (if there are stats, let me know) there
are no real statistics on this, I am holding an informal
survey. This came from an arguement in the local endurance
club and someone wanting "facts" about which is
better. Post to the list or privately (though maybe everyone
wants to see the results?). If you are a vet or RM, let me
know too, and what your "professional" (vs just
being a rider at a ride and "preferring for your own
sake", not the ride's sake) opinion is as well as
you "rider" opinion.
Q: in an LD (specifically in a 25..in 30's the time
factor is not so much of an issue due to the extra 1hr 15
mins you have to finish the ride), would you like a 1/2 hr
hold at the VC or a 1hr...WHY?? Also, have any of you
noticed more horses at the end of an LD that has a 1/2hr vs
a 1hr hold, that were pulled for metabolic or even needed
treatment? (Remember to try and factor ride conditions
in...of course a hot/humid/difficult terrain ride is more
likely to have MB pulls than an easy ride of the same
distance/hold time). 
  Thanks! I will try and "summerise" the
survey in a week or so after the answers all roll in :)

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