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Re: [RC] Saddle Suggestions, Anyone? - heidi larson

I've been very happy with my Free and Easy.  I did change the billets from 
short to long as the buckles under my knees were bothering him, but we just 
completed a hard 50 with lots of hills last weekend and he got an A for 

.      o o          o o
.    o_ \ \____   o_ \_\
.       (*)~(*)\_______/
.       /              \
.       \______/       /
.         \_______/\  /-
.     o-- /_/       \  /
.        / \       / /
.       o  o    o-- /
.                 / \
.                o   o
heidi larson

--- On Thu, 7/9/09, Dawn Carrie <rdcarrie@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From: Dawn Carrie <rdcarrie@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC] Saddle Suggestions, Anyone?
To: "ridecamp" <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thursday, July 9, 2009, 6:19 PM
Ok, it looks like I need to start
The Great Saddle Search for one of my horses.? I've
been using a Barefoot Cheyenne (treeless) on both of my
boys.? It continues to work well for Bear, who has a pretty
average back (whatever *that* is!? LOL).? He's not too
narrow, not too wide, etc.? I've added padding to my
pads, added a plastic shim to give more protection from the
stirrup hangers, etc.? He seems to be doing fine in it, and
moving well.? He's completed 2 100s in it with no sore
back issues, as well as a lot of 50s.

The horse having problems is my 14.2h gelding
Sundance.? He has a very wide, flat back.? Very
widely-sprung ribs.? He's also very short-backed.?
Nice withers, not too high.? The last few rides he's
had some soreness issues on his back.? Also, on the last
few conditioning rides?he's had some slightly puffy
areas recently right where the stirrup hangers are, in spite
of the extra padding.? I've played around with padding,
and can't seem to solve it.? I'm thinking it might
be due to his back being so wide and flat...on Bear, these
hangers lie on an area that is sloping downward, so
there's less pressure directly against him.? On
Sundance, they lie on an area of his back that is still
pretty darn flat, so there is pressure directly into his
back from them.

I also need to work on how he carries himself, get him
to round up more, but he will try to do so but won't
hold it, I'm sure due to the saddle being
uncomfortable.? He can't bring his back up into the
ouchy saddle.

So - any ideas for saddles that tend to work well for
a horse with a back like his?? I would prefer to stay with
treeless and a western style, but will go to a more English
style if I need to.? I'd rather not go to a treed
saddle, at least?at this point, as I feel his back will
continue changing as he begins carrying himself

When I first started riding him I used a borrowed?
Bob Marshall Sport Saddle.? He did fine in it, although I
wasn't doing enough miles on him at the time to really
tell how he'd do in the long haul.? BMs *are* kinda
long, though, and I can't remember if that was an issue,
with it rubbing on his hip bones.

I'm open to ideas...
Dawn Carrie, Texas
and Sundance (oohhh...a new saddle for me???)

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