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Re: [RC] Does feeding cause HR to hang? - Joe Long

Lucy Chaplin Trumbull wrote:
A friend from England recently expressed surprise that I let
Roo munch through a sloppy pan of BP + LMF at the end
of a ride before vetting through. She asked me didn't it cause
his heart rate to stay up?

I shrugged and said he was hungry and I'd rather he settled a
little and got good gut sounds than rush to vet through immediately
upon finishing.

But my question is - is she correct? I have heard that eating will
keep the HR up - but always thought that meant eating *while*
doing PnRs.

Does letting them munch a pan of slurry keep the HR up?
Roo's pulse wasn't great at the end of the ride when we finally
did get down to the vet, but it was a tough ride. Now I'm wondering
if his eating habits had anything to do with it?

In this as in so many things, all horses are individuals.  I normally
don't let my horses eat before they pulse down (except sometimes an
apple slice or small carrot), but I expect that some horses will recover
faster if they are allowed to eat.

We all know about putting water on the horse to help bring the pulse
down, right?  Well, Via hates having water put on him, even when it's
hot.  So when we put water on him his pulse will spike, then drop
quickly when we stop.  Go figure.

(I'm hoping he'll change his mind about that after he has some more

Joe Long  aka ChipRider


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[RC] Does feeding cause HR to hang?, Lucy Chaplin Trumbull