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Re: [RC] cougars and wildlife - Lif Strand

At 03:33 PM 6/18/2009, Barbara McCrary wrote:
All of a sudden, a Pronghorn Antelope ran through the pasture, jumped the fence, and ran alongside of my truck on the road margin (10-12 feet wide?) for at least 1/2 mile or more. Then, just as suddenly, he turned, jumped back over the fence and ran off. I was stunned! I have always wondered what he was thinking and why he did that. He didn't seem afraid...it was more like "I'll take you on for a race." When he'd had enough, he left.

We have lots of pronghorns around here and they are known for racing vehicles. They will run towards an approaching vehicle from pretty far away, then just when you think you're going to have to slam on the brakes to keep from hitting them, they turn and run parallel to you for about half a mile - that does seem to be as far as they want to go ususally. Then veer off in another direction - often crossing in front of you to do it. I figure they not only are taking you on for a race, but rubbing your nose in the fact that they've been in front the whole time. They don't do this for cars/trucks on paved roads, only dirt roads. I guess that's because vehicles on dirt roads aren't going to be able to go that fast.

Pronghorns aren't stupid though - they all vanish during the short hunting season around here.

I love all my wildlife encounters.

Me too. Yesterday on the way to meeting with Ray & Kathy Sansom to talk about next year's Ride the Divide I saw a cow elk with a newborn (still wet!) calf right next to the highway. I've heard that moose are calving next to roads because it's safer from predators. Wonder if that's what was going on with this elk mama?

Lif C. Strand
Local Economic Development
Catron County, New Mexico USA

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[RC] cougars and wildlife, Brenda Kossowan
Re: [RC] cougars and wildlife, Barbara McCrary