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[RC] Advice on Mountain Lions - - Kitley, Carrie E Civ USAF AFSPC 30 MDSS/SGSLF

I live out west and we have Mtn Lions where we ride.  In my opinion, if
there are plenty of other "game" for them to eat, they likely won't
attack a horse and rider.  If you are on the ground hiking, however, DO
NOT go alone and carry something big and noisy.  I have a friend that
rides with a pistol in a holster, just like in the old days, just for
the threat of Mtn Lions.  Says he hasn't had occasion to use it yet
The big cats where we ride mostly just watch from a distance and slink
away.  There's an overpopulation of deer in the immediate area so I
don't worry too much.  I don't ride alone in the evenings though either.
That seems to be their "hunting hour."  I'm a little surprised that your
friend didn't know the difference between a Bobcat and a Mtn Lion
though.  HUGE difference.  Bobcats would rarely ever try to attack a
human, they're far more likely run away.
My suggestion would be to not ride alone in the evenings and if you do,
carry a gun or bear mace.  :)

Ok ridecampers from out west:

Joni and I have been going to the local National Forest, Bankhead to
ride for years.  It is part of the lower Appalation moutain range.
Normally, we ride during the day, but this year with all the wet
weather, and now grass being mowed for hay, Joel won't let us ride at
home so we are hauling up in the late evening to ride the forest trails.

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