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[RC] ground control shoes - Dream Weaver

Here is an album of photos showing how the shoes looked after doing a 250 mile/5 day endurance ride.


I really liked how the GC's worked on Chief and he did very well in them. I love the breakover. After a couple of hundred competition miles in them though, they would tend to collect small rock and pebbles. That could usually be avoided by re-clenching the nails. The bigger problem was collecting larger marble size rocks. As the plastic would wear down it would get more flexible sort of like flip flops. That is when the rocks would start to get wedged in between the shoe and the foot. It would usually happen after doing three or four 50's in them though, so for those times where we only did say 150 miles or less in a shoeing cycle it really wasn't an issue.

The shoes also need to fit the horses hoof fairly well. You can trim them and shape them but not a lot. They work best on a horse that has a good strong and thick hoof wall. It is also really beneficial to have a farrier that knows how to apply them correctly - I have seen many of these shoes not applied optimally and that is why I think some had issues.

After five seasons of keeping my horses barefoot I am not about to go back to shoes. Yet, if for some reason that ever were to happen I would certainly go back to using Ground Controls over anything else. Or something similar - I know there are other brands out there now that have more sizes and shapes that will work for a larger variety of horses.



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