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Re: [RC] DLSD was Opinions Wanted - Elizabeth Walker

If you find out anything, let me know.  I don't know if she is a member - I didn't see anything on the site that would indicate she was.  I need to ask my vet if they have an actual diagnostic test for it, since the article indicates it is really a systemic disease.

I retired Caisson this year because of some continuing, low-level suspensory issues.  I had 3 ultrasounds done, the last one by a specialist, who diagnosed "bi-lateral chronic desmitis and enlargement of the suspensory branches".  The recommendation was that 50's are out of the picture..."maybe" he could do 25's, with careful management.  Still - given my experiences in the last 2 years, I think 25's would also be pushing it.

On light work, you would never know anything was wrong.  His angles are great, tendons cool and tight, energy up.  But when you try to increase his training miles, he starts filling along the tendon/suspensory area.  So - he is retired, and I've got him in training to see if I can shift him over to low level dressage competition, and easy weekend trail rides.

The hind legs weren't checked, and the vet didn't call it DSLD, so I'm not sure that is what I'm dealing with, but some of the symptoms listed - including those that say "unique to DSLD", sure apply to him (mottled appearance of the suspensory tissue on ultrasound, diameter of the branches > 1.2 cm).  

On Jun 5, 2009, at 7:57 AM, Shelly Williams wrote:

Is the Jeanette Mero DVM mentioned in the DSLD website an AERC member? I need to dig thru this info as I suspect my horse may have this issue - his dam is post legged and coon footed in back (accidental breeding and not owned by me) and he has issues going downhill and last summer he injured both front suspensories and his left rear twice last winter. I find the mention of iron levels in the blood interesting, and wonder if it is a cause or a symptom. We have so much iron in our water we use a water softener (which I believe is replacing the iron ions with sodium ions) to make the water usable - the horse water does go thru the softener as well, however. Anyway, if anyone has helpful info, let me know, and I'll keep ridecamp posted.

[RC] DLSD was Opinions Wanted, Shelly Williams