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Re: [RC] Saddles, Pads and weird horses - Angie Fura

I am struggling with a similar issue.  I had a custom Synergist made, but I don't care for how the stirrups hang.  I moved to a Freeform, but am now having trouble with white spots under my seat bones or the stirrup plate (I haven't figured out which yet).
I found a saddle for my other horse.  Its an all-purpose English saddle by Toulouse.  I absolutely love it.  I'm debating now whether to modify the stirrup position on the Synergist or to buy another Toulouse and have it custom fitted.   Of course, the customer saddle fitter doesn't think I can get by with an average brand English saddle.  They are recommending one that costs $3800. 
I bought an Equipedic, Dryback Skito, and a Toklat with ultracell.  None of these seems to help with the white spots under the Freefrom. 

Angie Fura


From: Sandy Adams <sandydsa@xxxxxxx>
To: Ridecamp Ridecamp <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, June 1, 2009 12:05:06 AM
Subject: [RC] Saddles, Pads and weird horses

Okay, who out there in RC land has a horse with a dip behind the shoulders, rather a hot dog body shape, medium withers, and has saddle fit or slippage trouble? I am well aware that a pad does not make an ill-fitting saddle fit - which is why my saddle is back for re shaping. In the meantime, I cannot seem to find a pad that works well for my mare, who has a bit of a dip behind her shoulders, has white patches now due to poor saddle fit and pad slippage, and most saddles slip. The SS does not slip, but messing with a dozen shims all the time is not my thing - and I love our Advantage saddles, and hope it can be refitted for her. If not, the Great Saddle Hunt is back on. No treeless, not good on these hot dog horses, and I don't trust them on such a horse. I am looking at first of all, ideally my Advantage, next the Synergist, and even the SS if I did not have to ship the thing to death.

Pros and cons anyone? What do y'all know of the Cavallo endurance pad vs. Skito, Toklat, etc? 

Sandy Adams
Deep Sands Arabians
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[RC] Saddles, Pads and weird horses, Sandy Adams