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Re: [RC] Info on Top of the Rock and Pyramid Challenge rides - Keith W. Kibler

Janice and Karen
I rode both of those rides last year. At KHP, my wife and I took a 15 year old we sponsored. The course is extremely flat, the camping very primitive with no electric hook ups. I understand this year will be a bit different. LOTS of 6 lane highway very nearby. I took a 4 year old for the LD who had never seen such traffic nor all the trotting horses (she is a twh) and I spent the first 4 1/2 miles doing one rein stops as she was quite excited.
All in all we had a blast and are going back.
Top of the rock is a hard course,very rocky and muddy,with a bit of road riding on asphalt. If you go you need a way to haul your own water for 100-150 yards from the water source to your trailer. Again the camping is primitive (you are in a field) and no electricity.
Hope that helps
Janice Taylor wrote:
At the KHP you will be riding around fields, very easy. The challenge is usually the heat and humidity, and the ongoing construction for 2010 splash.
The Top of the Rock is a great ride, but can be challenging as for the steep climbs. But they are generally short. Lots of woods, and a great place to camp. Excellent management. I've taken a couple horses on their first fifty there.
Usually, the vet checks are in camp for both rides.

On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 9:40 AM, Karen Casemier <kcrazzmatazz@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:kcrazzmatazz@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

Hello ridecampers. I have a horse ready for her first 50 and am
considering these two rides. I am in NE Ohio and they are both a
similar distance from me, and fall in a good time frame.
The Pyramid challenge ride sounds lovely - I have been to the
Horse Park on a number of occasions and love the area, and the
idea of riding through the park and local farms is appealing. I'm
just a little concerned about the atmosphere at the ride, with all
the other stuff going on at the same time.
I have no idea what the terrain is like at Clark State Forest.
This is not a horse that needs a super easy ride as her first 50,
but I don't want to overface her either.
I will likely be coming solo and will not have a crew, so that is
another issue to consider. Water on trail and vet checks in camp
or ride management taking items out to the vet checks is preferred.
Thanks in advance for any comments about either of these rides. If
preferred, you can e-mail me privately at kcrazzmatazz at hotmail
dot com.

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