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Re: [RC] AZ - New, Fast-Evolving Rabies Virus Found - Sisu West Ranch

I'm not sure where the "Fast-Evolving" tag came from. It has always been known that in a given area there is usually one wild animal that is the reservoir for the disease. In the west it is often bats, in WI it has been the skunk, in Europe it has been the fox.

I never heard an explanation until last year when I ran across the statement that there were different strains. If an animal gets the strain for its species, it still kills it, and infection of people and other species is much more efficient because it takes longer to kill the animal, than rabies from another species would.

Apparently, what is being seen, reading between the lines (Disclaimer: I may be wrong.), is that in some areas multiple strains have started to circulate. Conceivably, it could be from "fast evolution", or it could be that animals moved in from other areas. However it happend, the result is that now there are more and more varied efficient carriers. Not a good thing.

As far as concerns with side effects from immunizing or possibly "over immunizing" your horse, cat, or dog, the consideration is that as far as I know there has been in the history of the human race exactly one and only one person who has survived rabies. The experimental treatment has not been duplicated. Please note that this does not include the standard immunization of people after exposure, but before symptoms. This used to be called the "Pasteur Treatment" after the famous French scientist.

It is the uniformly fatal nature of the disease coupled with the high likelyhood that you will get it from your infected animals, that conclusively argues that the possible side effects on companion animals, and horses are worth the risk.

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