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[RC] Tow vehicle - 4WD vs 2WD? - Jennifer Fleet

Hello all - trying this again, I don't think it went through the 1st time...

I'm finally getting around to purchasing my own rig.....first comes the tow vehicle purchase....I'm looking at Tahoes and Yukons (I'll only be towing a 2 horse trailer).

My question is whether I should look for 4WD or not.   I want to have it, just in case, but am having a hard time finding a nice used vehicle that has 4WD plus the other stuff I want/need.   2WDs are much more common, a bit less expensive, the towing capacity is a bit higher, and my options are much greater than with 4WD.  Only about 1 out of every 20 used Tahoes or Yukons I've found is 4WD.

So, realistically, how many of you that have 4WD really use it a lot?  Do you find you need it frequently, say to get in and out of basecamp at certain rides, and would say you couldn't live without it?  Do I really, really NEED 4WD?

I've had a 2WD Explorer for the past 9 years and have wished for 4WD exactly twice.  Both when visiting my parents in the Oregon mountains at Christmas.  Other than that, I've never needed it.  But I haven't towing horses around with the Explorer either.

Any advice on my dilemma would be appreciated!   I've found a really nice 2007 Yukon that has every other option I want, but it's 2WD and I'll need to make a decision today.