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Re: [RC] Renegade Hoof Boots - Janice Taylor

Hi Shelly,
I am in KY and thought I'd give them a try.?I was going to try them after his next farrier appointment, but my horse pulled a front shoe so I filed his foot down so as to be more balanced and gave it a try.? I ordered two for the fronts only.? It came off twice in one of my seven miles training rides.? So, thought I was just going through a learning curve.? It seemed more difficult? to get the part that goes over the bulbs in place than the directions showed, and the?Velcro just barely was long enough to tuck under the rubber keepers over the hoof.?Tried it again on 13 mile ride.? Thought I had it down, but I did get off to readjust the Velcro strap over the hoof...
My training buddy had just commented that it looked like it was working well, when opps, off it came...? My horse does tend to over reach and I'm sure that is what is causing the failure.? However when we got back to the trailers, the Velcro that goes over the hoof was completely undone and sticking up.? I feel that the velcro is failing in the muddy conditions...guess we have different mud in the East...<g>? I'll be sending the unused one back.? Disappointed it didn't work for me.? Constantly looking over his shoulder to see if it was still in place, was a pain too... Maybe the glue on ones would work better, but I don't want that kind of hassle, so back to shoes.? Trying bell boots next to see if that helps with the overreaching problem...<sigh>

On Fri, May 1, 2009 at 3:26 PM, Shelly Williams <shelly@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Has anyone in the eastern part of the US tried the Renegades or Renegade glue-ons? I wonder how they would fare in a ride with water and mud - if they would chafe or if the glue-ons would fall off.

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[RC] Renegade Hoof Boots, Shelly Williams