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RE: [RC] Char and Mules - Paul Sidio

Hey Angie,

A couple of years ago I took one of those Internet IQ tests. Remember
when they had those, "click here to take a free IQ test"?

Anyways, after I got my results, I emailed them and told them about one
of the questions that I believed that I knew the correct answer to, but
thought they probably had it wrong.

The question was: Which of these animals is the most different from the

A) Cow
B) Deer
C) Horse
D) Kangaroo
E) Mule

They had some Professor respond to my email explaining why the correct
answer was Kangaroo. He explained that Kangaroos are Marsupials, while,
"all the rest of these species are Mammals."  I responded explaining
that A-D were all species, while Mules are a sterile hybrid mix of two
separate species. You can take boy and girl cows. horses, deer, and
kangaroos and put them in a field and eventually you will get more of
these rascals. If you put a bunch of Mules in a field, all you
eventually will get is a bunch of old mules.(and some aggravation:-).

I also pointed out to the Professor that he obvousily had never spent
much time around Mules, or he would have realized just how different
they are. My summary was that the ability to reproduce or not was a much
bigger difference than having a pouch or not. 

They changed the question so now it reads donkey's instead of mules.

Paul N. Sidio
Spokane MO         


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