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Re: [RC] late start at rides - Barbara McCrary

Donna, I understand your problem exactly. I've been there!  My old retired endurance horse is known affectionately as "Freak-out Charlie."
On our ride, as long as you have checked in at the starting line, a rider may disappear and start after all other horses have left and are out of sight, usually 15 minutes or so.  We just must know that you have gone out on the trail. We are very concerned ride managers who look after our riders, and if one doesn't show up in reasonable time, any vet check, after all the others have come, we are out on the trail looking for him/her.  Short answer to your question:  It is up to the ride manager.  This does not mean you can start two hours later, but 15 minutes or so is OK.
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Sent: Tuesday, April 07, 2009 12:12 PM
Subject: [RC] late start at rides

What is the rule or general policy about starting late at a ride? I mean, you have already checked in at the pre-start time about 15 minutes early, either in person or w/ your horse. So how late can you then leave camp? Is there any rule or is it up to the ride manager? My new Arabian horse is having serious "emotional" problems at the start and for safety reasons I'd like to wait til everyone is WAY out of sight when I try my next ride. At least til he has had more starts and experience on trail.  He is difficult, to say the least, at the starts. Doesn't matter if other horses are around or with him or behind him. I can only imagine what he's thinking ... He acts as if the world is ending and if he doesn't GO this instant with all those other horses, he'll never see another horse again in his life (oh the terror of it all). Unfortunately, he's coming close to taking off with all those other horses without me.
Donna in Texas.

[RC] late start at rides, Donna DeYoung