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Re: [RC] okay, another question - Joe Long

Truman Prevatt wrote:

As soon as a rider is pulled or gets his completion he is no longer in
competition - hence any AERC authority over such a rider ceases. So if a
rider decides to take his horse out once he is say pulled for lameness
to see if he could figure out where or why - he is on his own time in a
on public trails in a public equestrian camping facility.

That is not correct.  Someone who enters an AERC event is responsible
for following AERC rules until they leave the venue, not just until they
are pulled.  If a rider remaining at the venue violates AERC rules,
including riding on the marked trails after being pulled, they are still
under AERC authority and can be penalized.

The only thing the AERC has jurisdiction over is those people entered in
the event. I am sure one could file a protest against a person if they
did what I described above related to "horse welfare" issues. But that I
think is a somewhat slippery slope since the only time a person is
considered in competition is after they check in till the time they are
pulled or have received a completion. If they are not in competition -
the AERC rules do not apply. The AERC rules do only apply to those
entered in an AERC event during the time they are in the event.

After passing the final completion exam, the horse/rider team is no
longer in jeopardy of being pulled for horse fitness issues, but they
are still responsible for following AERC rules until they leave the
venue, or the AERC event comes to an end (in case the rider is staying
there and camping a few days).

Joe Long  aka ChipRider


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