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RE: [RC] okay, another question - Kristen A Fisher

Yes, there is a rule against that:
L6. Completion requires meeting all of the following criteria:
k. Not having been paced or prompted by an un-entered, withdrawn, or otherwise unauthorized equine, vehicle or person other than another entrant.
Now, if the ride were on public land, the unentered person could make an argument that they were simply a member of the general public out riding [and that argument may or may not fly with ride management]. However, Eagle Ranch is private land. The entrant[s] should not have been given completions if DQ'ed or unentered riders rode with them.

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Subject: [RC] okay, another question

As long as I'm asking, I thought there was a rule against non-participants riding along with people in competition, even in an LD.  I saw several people "pleasure riding" with their friends in competition. 
And the only reason it bothered me at this ride is because one of those people was on a horse that was disqualified at the check-in for dangerous behavior.  So, the horse was deemed too unruly to be in competition, but the person took it out on the trails with the rest of us anyway. 



[RC] okay, another question, RHONDA LEVINSON