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Re: [RC] What's wrong with square one - Marlene Moss


If you feel a sense of accomplishment, then that is all that matters.  No definition should change how you feel about what you have done (and I’m pretty impressed by what you have done btw!) 


I think that is what is lost every time this discussion pops up – and what I love about this sport - is that I define the goals I have, I define what is “winning” to me.  I feel that endurance is a term that describes this sport overall, but I do also agree that until we’ve crossed 50 miles, the horse isn’t particularly being challenged.  Some of us are challenged at 25 miles or less and that’s fine.  I think another part of what happens in this particular discussion is that those who consider 50+ as endurance are thinking about the horse, those who think that 25 miles should be considered the same accomplishment are thinking about themselves.


So Carla, you’ve come a long way and done a lot of rides in a pretty short time compared to a lot of riders.  No one can take that away from you no matter what anyone’s definition of the sport is.  But if someone wasn’t telling you that the pinnacle was 100 miles, you might not be aiming there!


Good luck on your Tevis quest – I wish I had time to get there myself, especially since I’ve only got about 6 horses here that can do it!



In response to:

Maybe it's because I feel a sense of accomplishment, Kat.  If you raise the bar, then you've told me, oh what you've done so far doesn't count.  Now, you have to do 100's to be called an endurance rider.


Don't worry, I will be continuing to do my best to improve - I have LOTS of things I can improve on!  Like going faster, for one.  <LOL>  And, doing 100's.  I'm actually going to try Tevis this year, or at least that's my plan now.  Things can change between now and August 1st, with me and my horse.


Carla Richardson




Marlene Moss

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