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Re: [RC] What is wrong with "square one?" (was: Survey...) - Carla Richardson

Maybe it's because I feel a sense of accomplishment, Kat.? If you raise the bar, then you've told me, oh what you've done so far doesn't count.? Now, you have to do 100's to be called an endurance rider.
Don't worry, I will be continuing to do my best to improve - I have LOTS of things I can improve on!? Like going faster, for one.? <LOL>? And, doing 100's.? I'm actually going to try Tevis this year, or at least that's my plan now.? Things can change between now and August 1st, with me and my horse.
Carla Richardson

On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 2:14 PM, k s swigart <katswig@xxxxxxx> wrote:

From: Carla Richardson richardson.carla@xxxxxxxxx

>? OTOH, Kat,?I don't want it stepped up, as you're suggesting, that
>?only 100 miles be considered endurance!? Because, then I'm back
>?at square one!? <LOL>

Call me wierd, but what is wrong with being "back at square one?"?

As it seems to me that the alternative is "been there, done that."

Personally, I like to set goals that are virtually (if not totally) unattainable as they provide something to continue to strive for, and if I ever achieve any of them, I WANT to go back to square one (i.e. move on to something more/else).

My personal desire to define endurance at 100 miles is because, it is obvious from the completion statistics, that that is the distance where it becomes difficult to achieve.? Riding 50 miles in 12 hours is not difficult (if the statistics are to be believed) because routinely more than 90% of the people who try, succeed.?

For me, it is only through failure that success becomes truly meaningful.? Am I alone in this attitude?

Orange County, Calif.

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