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Re: [RC] Survey: What is "the Sport"? (was: Pony Club Endurance...) - Carla Richardson

I like the way it's defined now.? I do understand the desire to be inclusive so as to encourage people to try the sport.? I've even posted to the list, previously (or maybe it was the AERC members forum, I don't remember) something in the line of "why don't we call it all endurance and have different levels?"? However, I've now changed my mind...
I guess?I've "seen the light," and think it needs to stay defined?as it is.? For one thing, I'm kind of a traditionalist, even though I'm new to the sport, I do appreciate endurance as it was started; it has had?some evolution, but not much, over the years.? Especially since I've done some 50's now, I don't want the sport watered down, or made easier.? OTOH, Kat,?I don't want it stepped up, as you're suggesting, that only 100 miles be considered endurance!? Because, then I'm back at square one!? <LOL>
BTW, I'm enjoying the yearbooks that Bob Morris sent to me, started with year 1974, I think it was the earliest one.? AERC membership only cost $5 in 1974.? There were not many rides, or that many riders, compared to today.? This sport has really grown fast.
Carla Richardson

[RC] Survey: What is "the Sport"? (was: Pony Club Endurance...), k s swigart