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[RC] Pes Anserine tendonitis, bursitis - Randy or Cheryl Winter - sherman

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I don't know about the bursitis, but when I had tendonitis in my elbow for several months, I finally got painfree in just a couple weeks once I started taking MSM. That was 4 years ago, haven't had a problem since. I did change my method of carrying hay from using my arm to balance a flake or two 'til I got to where I was feeding it, to now using a muck bucket to carry the heavy hay. It's much less stress on my elbow.

Pes Anserine tendonitis, bursitis

OK, someone else out there must have had problems with tendonitis and
bursitis just below the knee, medial side on their own legs.  Mine has been
going on since last May, and even after PT and two steroid shots in each leg
they still flair up easily.  Doing stretching, trying to make good choices
about how not to over extend them, but it really does not take much to make
them flair up and get sore.  Not as bad as the initial injury, but enough
that it slows me down.  Help.  Any ideas about how to get the last part of
the healing in place, or is this just the way it is. UGH