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[RC] [Consider This] Training Horse to Accept Syringe - Michelle Aquilino

I had my horse at a "Natural Horsemanship" training facility for a few months.? They used the method mentioned to try to get her to be better with syringes.? They barely made progress over the months she was there (not to say it wouldn't work with other horses, just saying with mine).? On the other hand, my "miracle worker" who also solved our trailer loading problem, fixed the syringe issue in just one session.? She was even fine when I wormed her a couple months after taking her back.? It was even one of the HUGE wormer tubes.? I didn't get QUITE all of it in the first shot, and she still easily let me squirt the final couple drops.? Anyone willing to travel to Bumpass (VA), I recommend her for ANY training problems you're having (but right now she only does ground training, and no saddle work).? If you're interested, you can try to contact her, but don't ask me about how she solved the syringe problem, I don't know how she bridged between where she was and where she is =P? I just know how I need to treat the issue now, and how to worm her now, without bringing back old issues.? For example, I don't hide it, don't sneak up on her, be careful putting it in her mouth to make sure not to poke her, etc.? Just make it a pleasant experience for her, and I always give her a treat afterwards =)? But from there to here, I don't know ;-)

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