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Re: [RC] [Endurance Tracks] Great Britain: The Pony Club Endurance Enjoys Fantastic La... - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

The Pony Club launched Endurance riding, as an official Pony Club 
discipline, on March 22nd 

It will be very interesting if the USPC follows suit. My girls did a couple of 
years of Pony Club and I'm afraid I drove them crazy not doing everything 
*exactly* by the book. (Hey,the girls enjoyed pouring water over their heads 
during summer camp at the 1/2 way through Dressage lesson break)

I'll never forget they were having a real problem at camp...none of their 
horses would cross the little stream on the cross country course and it turned 
out that's where they'd lost a lot of points at the Rally the year before. 
Meanwhile one of my junior riders that I'd brought decided to get cute with 
them and carried her sponge and sponged on the fly as she cantered through the 
stream. >g<

At meeting later in the year they wanted to have a group trail ride and someone 
suggested the horse trail at the Chickamauga Battlefield and another said, "Oh 
no, there are places where they cross water and some of these horses don't 
cross water!  >duh<  They were also really big on counting how many swallows of 
water you let a horse have.

It would be good for the kids and horses if they don't get carried away with 
dress codes & such.

Angie McGhee

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