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[RC] vaccinations - Marlene Moss

I have had a horse that had a reaction to flu/rhino (that’s as far as we narrowed it down).  If we gave it in the neck, she was stiff and couldn’t lower her head to eat off the ground for a couple days.  If we gave it in the rump, she couldn’t walk for a couple days.  I had a vet that was into homeopathy and she gave me something that I gave for 3 days before vaccinating and 3 days after and she didn’t have any more major problems.  It also helped if I made sure she was active the day of the shot.


Personally, I wouldn’t vaccinate for flu/rhino either, but I have a boarding facility and it would just be a PIA if either ran through the barn.  We usually get 1-5 horses out of 50-60 that get something but it rarely spreads to more than the older horses or horses that came in compromised with either low weight or poor feet. 


We are being advised to do rabies this year by our vet since there seems to be a few more cases around than normal and obviously it kills!  We do WNV in the spring.  If I sell this facility (anyone looking to buy a job??) and only have my own to worry about I might give up on the WNV because we have plenty of mosquitos around here, so most of my own (which live in the pasture with the spring) are likely to have been exposed already.  I don’t know for sure, but that’s one I’ll think about because I prefer not to overly vaccinate and we don’t have as many nasty diseases in CO as some parts of the country.



Marlene Moss

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